NYU Journalism is awarding multiple grants of up to $1000 each to current NYU graduate and undergraduate students seeking to participate in academic conferences or educational programs outside NYU that explore the  social, economic, or political challenges facing marginalized  communities.

Looking to apply for a Spring grant to attend NABJ, NAHJ, and AAJA? 

If you are interested in applying for NABJ,NAHJ, and AAJA conference grants, please apply HERE by February 1, 2024. The academic conference grants are solely for non-NABJ,NAHJ, and AAJA grants. 

The grants are designed to cover conference fees and other  conference-related expenses. Funds may be used for travel. International travel is subject to NYU’s Covid-19 travel policies.

      NYU graduate and undergraduate students. To be eligible to apply, graduate students must be enrolled in an NYU Journalism masters program, whereas undergraduate students should be declared journalism majors or minors.

Application and Deadline
     Please review guidelines here. 

      For Spring 2024 students can apply for a Academic Conference in advance of:  

  •  Sunday March 31, 2024.

All proposals should be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on the application deadline. You will be asked to submit a proposal with a budget, which will be judged by a faculty committee.

Guidelines and Rules :  Please read the guidelines and rules before applying.

Questions? Email Keyana Smith at keyana.smith@nyu.edu

International Students: Please read both notes below. 

Glacier Form: It is the job of the international student to ensure that their Glacier Tax Prep profile is complete before receiving grant payments. We encourage international students to create their Glacier profile account after applying for the grant and read more about payment methods here. For additional questions about Glacier tax forms and their Glacier account information, students can email : nyu.glacier@nyu.edu

Link to information on Tax and GLACIER Tax Prep 

International Students & Grant Taxing: International students should be advised that their grants may be subject to international tax treaties that are established by their home countries. This means that taxes may be withheld from their grant amounts, resulting in a significant reduction of the grant. Students can seek the money back from their home countries’ tax returns. 

The Reporting Award award provides up to $12,500 for a significant work of journalism, in any medium, on an under-reported subject in the public interest. Detailed information about the purpose of the award, application guidelines, and past winners and their work can be found on the Carter Journalism Institute website.

Before You Begin
Before creating your application, please review the Application Guidelines and Terms of Agreement carefully. You may only apply to one of the Institute’s awards per year.

Email The Reporting Award team at thereportingaward@nyu.edu.

NYU Journalism